11 Wellness Domains: Mental – Emotional – Resilience – Relationships – Financials – Family – Physical – Leadership – Occupational – Social – Spiritual

“Under my leadership, we started rebuilding the culture of our agency about 10 years ago. I am very proud of the men and women at the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office, and I am committed to continuing to innovate to lead law enforcement into the next generation through peak performance and leadership.  I was the first agency in the country to adopt the “Leadership Programs” offered by Dr. Javidi and his National Command & Staff College back in 2010 (which we are still using).  I am happy to be the first client of the MAGNUSWorx, I believe in the science behind the APP and we are excited to have a real-time habit-forming tool to support our journey from GREAT to MAGNUS.”

Sheriff Greg Champagne, St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office
President, National Sheriff’s Association, 2023-2024


“802 Law Enforcement Officers committed suicide between the years of 2019 to 2022. Officers are more likely to die from suicide than they are in a line of duty death, which is 5x higher than the general public’s suicide rate. The need to have a wellness program that builds new capacities put in our agency is greater than ever. We are used to giving help but we don’t know how or when to ask for help, and this app is a solution to both problems. Thank you, Dr. Mitch Javidi and the team at MAGNSWorx for creating the new ACSO’s Peak Performance & Wellness APP.  It is a confidential answer to silent prayers.”

Travis L. Patten Sheriff, Adams County, MS


“”As a Sheriff, one of my highest priorities is the peak performance and well-being of my staff. If we aren’t taking of them, how can we take care of those we are sworn to serve?  The MAGNUSWorx APP is one of the best tools I’ve ever seen and deployed at my agency. It gives us the opportunity to ensure our staff is being cared for in the way they deserve while inspiring them to transcend through habit-building capabilities across 11 domains of wellness and peak performance.”

Charles Blackwood, Sheriff, Orange County, NC
President, North Carolina Sheriff’s Association

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