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Jeff Kingsfield

Architect of Excellence in Organizational Leadership and Performance 

Jeff Kingsfield exemplifies transformative leadership, merging the analytical prowess of an academic scholar with the dynamic intuition of a strategic innovator. As Chief Strategy Officer at RippleWorx and CEO of MAGNUSWorx, he has redefined the paradigm of performance optimization in high-pressure sectors, especially law enforcement. 

Educated at the National Command & Staff College’s Chief Executive Leadership Program, Jeff mirrors the discipline and vision synonymous with the most respected military leadership institutes. His role as a faculty member imparting the pioneering MAGNUS Ovea model is a testament to his dedication to nurturing adaptive and resilient leaders. 

Jeff’s cross-disciplinary collaborations are marked by his co-authorship of ‘The Book of 11 Rings’ with Dr. Mitch Javidi and Brian Ellis, weaving the fabric of strategic thought leadership with practical insights for law enforcement professionals. His academic partnerships with experts like Dr. Cathy Greenberg and Dr. Shauna Springer have enriched his approach with robust methodologies in emotional intelligence and psychological resilience. 

Within RippleWorx, Jeff’s strategic acumen has been instrumental in devising solutions that not only support the operational readiness of law enforcement officers but also cater to their holistic wellbeing. The efficacy of his methodologies is acknowledged by elite institutions such as the Human Performance Wing of the Air Force and by prominent sports organizations like West Ham United, Total Package Hockey and UEFA. 

Jeff’s athletic prowess as an Ironman competitor, with notable achievements including the formidable Kona event, embodies his commitment to the ethos of perseverance and mental fortitude. This athletic discipline resonates through MAGNUSWorx, offering unparalleled depth to wellness and training programs. 

His distinguished real estate tenure spans three decades, highlighted by being honored as Builder of the Year multiple times by the Greater Atlanta Homebuilders Association and garnering over 50 awards for excellence in design. At John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods, Jeff played a pivotal role in earning the coveted J.D. Power Customer Service Award for three consecutive years, setting a benchmark in customer satisfaction and service excellence. 

Jeff Kingsfield, more than a CEO, is a visionary strategist and a mentor, championing transformative change and fostering excellence. His multifaceted career, marked by accolades and a profound impact on various industries, positions him as a vanguard in organizational and performance leadership, dedicated to the advancement and empowerment of society’s protectors. 

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