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While the market is selling apps for wellness, we invite you to a Partnership and a Platform of Collaborative and Personalized Services designed to deliver Excellence for Peak Performance & Well-being.

The MAGNUSWorx™ Difference

Empower Your Journey to Peak Performance & Wellness with MAGNUSWorx


Customized Wellness Programs


Specialized Training Content


Continuous Innovation and Updates


Compliance and Security


Data-Driven Insights

Harnessing the Science of Success for Lasting Transformation

MAGNUSWorx Platform is built upon the foundation of already tested theories and practices of human behavior, psychology and performance. What makes it to be innovative and cutting-edge is the inclusion of new theories of human behavior and neurological research and practices to explain and transcend the complexities of human performance and interaction.

Dr. Mitch Javidi and Dr. Paul Zack’s


MAGNUSWorx draws from the MAGNUS OVEA Theory by Dr. Mitch Javidi and the research on immersion by Dr. Paul Zack. The 11 RINGS of human experiences and journeys as described by Dr. Javidi are based on research and practices developed during his academic tenure and work with US Army Special Operations Command. The habits and practices included in MAGNUSWorx guides users on a transformative journey from GREAT to MAGNUS

 Read more about the Science of Success…

We Are Continuously Raising the Bar

Inspire – Educate – Impact – Transcend

Dr. Deborah Silveria, Licensed Psychologist, EMDR Expert and LMFT discusses the value of the MAGNUSWorx Application

Harnessing the Science of Success for Lasting Transformation

MAGNUSWorx Platform is built upon the foundation of cutting-edge scientific theories that explain the complexities of human performance and interaction. Drawing from the MAGNUS OVEA Theory by Dr. Mitch Javidi, Dr. Paul Zak’s research on immersion, and Dr. Daniel Siegel’s concept of attunement, users can harness these scientific principles to optimize personal development, facilitate positive change, and enhance peak performance and well-being across diverse contexts – Read More…



Morale Building

Cohesive Culture

Peak Performance

Wellness & Well-being

Retention & Recruitment

Dr. Deborah Silveria, Licensed Psychologist, EMDR Expert and LMFT discusses the value of the MAGNUSWorx Application



The People Behind the MAGNUSWorx™ Platform

Mitch Javidi, Ph.D

Human Behaviorist

Paul Zack, Ph.D


Shauna "DOC" Springer Ph.D.

Chief Clinical Advisor

Nancy Bohl-Penrod, Ph.D

Peer Support, Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM), Clinical Psychology

Jeff Kingsfield

organizational performance

Deborah Silveria Ph.D.

Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM), Clinical Psychology and EMDR

Cathy Greenberg, Ph.D

Emotional Intelligence

Jenny Prohaska, Ph.D

Officer Wellness, Wellbeing, PTSD & Addiction

Bryce Kaye, Ph.D

Wellbeing, PTSD, Stress Management, Self Esteem & Emotional Wounds

Chief Stephen Petrilli Jr.

Officer Wellness, Fitness and Nutrition

Larry Lowe, Ph.D

Chief Data Scientist

Brian Hadely

Software Engineer

MAGNUSWorks™ reviews

What our partners are saying

I was the first agency in the country to adopt the “Leadership Programs” offered by Dr. Javidi and his National Command & Staff College back in 2010 (which we are still using). I am happy to be the first client of the MAGNUSWorx. I believe in the science behind the APP and we are excited to have a real-time habit-forming tool to support our journey from GREAT to MAGNUS.”
Sheriff Greg Champagne
St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office, President, National Sheriff’s Association, 2023-2024
MagnusWORX is at the forefront of first responder wellness.  No other wellness app company is even close.  Their wellness content is all encompassing, unrivaled, and relevant.  The data gathered on the backside of the app is a game changer.  The data gives us actionable intelligence to better meet the needs of workforce and works as a guide for our organization’s decision makers. ”
MSgt Scott Pope
OKCPD Wellness Unit

MAGNUSWorx Essential

  • Agency Personalized app with organizational branding, messaging, and logo.
  • Full 24/7/365 access on Android, Apple mobile, and all devices with access to the internet.
  • Fresh, curated content on 11 Rings of peak performance and wellness that you can watch, listen to or read.
  • Single login for agency members, staff, family members and retired personnel.
  • Direct mobile access to Crisis Text Line, National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, Therapy Portals, Copline, NAMI & many more.
  • Access to Bullet Proof Spirit course by Dan Willis.
  • Sleep Sounds.
  • LEO role playing.
  • Well-being self-assessments, and a lot more

MAGNUSWorx Innovate

  • All MAGNUSWorx features.
  • Sworn and Professional staff only.
  • Enabled RippleWorx chip technology:
    • Individual anonymous user secure access to proactive wellness too.
    • Peak Performance, Pulse24, Power12 (12 week habit building journey).
    • KPI Dashboard that measures impact and ROI in realtime.
    • Push Notifications and SMART FEEDS.
    • Curated content based on learning algorithms that interconnects with those theories imbedded in MAGNUSWorx.
    • Individual support and implementation.
    • 6-week, 12-week, 24-week review with MAGNUSWorx Team.
    • Access to performance tracking tools.

MAGNUSWorx Vision

  • All MAGNUSWorx + features.
  • Sworn and professional staff only.
  • Access to West Point Leadership program.
  • Access to Leadership e-Learning program approved for college credit transfer.
  • Enabled IMM chip technology:
    • Measure chemical reation to stressors and content.
    • Unbiased insights.
    • Real time IMM KPI Dashboard to track impact and ROI.

MAGNUSWorx™ Clients

Who are empowering their agencies to go from Great to MAGNUS
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