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The Science of Success

Peak performance and wellness solutions, applications, and educational programs that lack scientific and evidence-based foundations invariably fail to produce meaningful outcomes.

MAGNUSWorx Platform is built upon the foundation of already tested scientific and evidanced-based theories and practices of human behavior, psychology and performance. What makes it innovative and cutting-edge is the inclusion of new ideas of human behavior and neurological research and practices to explain the complexities of human performance and interaction.

More specifically, it draws from the MAGNUS OVEA Theory by Dr. Mitch Javidi and the research on immersion by Dr. Paul Zack. The 11 RINGS of human experiences and journeys described by Dr. Javidi are based on research and practices during his academic tenure and work with US Army Special Operations Command. The habits and techniques included in MAGNUSWorx guide users on a transformative journey from GREAT to MAGNUS. Rooted in empirical research and interdisciplinary insights, this theory clarifies the interconnectedness of various facets of human existence, fostering habits aligned with the pursuit of mastery. This, combined with Dr. Zak’s immersions, leverages the neurological and psychological aspects of engaging experiences to enhance emotional engagement and connection.

Interoperability & Interconnectivity of the Rings Produce Wellness and Peak Performance

Furthermore, Dr. Daniel Siegel’s concept of attunement directs the MAGNUSWorx approach, emphasizing the importance of being present and responsive to one’s emotion as wells others’ emotional states to foster deeper understanding and connection.

Powered by RippleWorx technology, MAGNUSWorx enables and innovative, confidential and anonymous environment for users to harness these scientific principles to optimize personal development, facilitate positive change, and enhance peak performance and well-being across diverse contexts. 

We believe that utilization of already proven theories, principles, practices and advancement of evidence and science based theories combined by the IPs of Dr. Javidi and Dr. Zack separates MAGNUSWorx from other applications and approaches current available in the market.

“Embarking on the journey from our GREAT to becoming MORE is a testament to the relentless pursuit of personal growth and self-improvement, intentionally. It is a path illuminated by the spark of ambition and fueled by the fire of determination. Along this transformative journey, we transcend the boundaries of our comfort zones, challenging the status quo and embracing challenges as opportunities for growth. With each step forward, we unlock untapped potential and redefine the possible limits. It is a journey marked by creating new brain neurons and evolving character, integrity, and resilience for ourselves, our families, peers, and the communities we serve. While at it, we also inspire others to do the same, creating a ripple effect of empowerment and excellence that echoes through generations. I’m MAGNUS!”   Mitch Javidi, 2014

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